Learning With ADD or ADHD And How Medication Can Help

Everyone with Attention Deficit Disorder(ADD)  or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) has things that do and don’t work for them. Learning with ADD can be a trial and error project for quite some time until you find something that works. Medication can help a child to focus in the classroom so that they can actually learn what the teacher is talking about. When there are various stimuli in the classroom, it can be very hard to focus, however medication has been known to help tremendously.

ritalinEveryone is different and so everyone will respond to the different forms of medication differently. It is not likely to be the cure-all for ADD, however it can help tremendously. Learning with ADD can be assisted when you opt for such medications as Ritalin or Dexedrine. These drugs are stimulants and work to increase the levels of dopamine in the brain.

The additional dopamine inside of the brain is designed to assist with motivation and attention. This way, learning with ADD provides the student with the eagerness to learn in the classroom and the ability to focus on a single stimuli (the teacher) instead of looking out the window, drawing pictures and any other various things that they could be doing that would ordinarily take them away from what is going on up at the front of the classroom.

There are side effects that one can experience with the medication. This can include restlessness, headaches, depression, irritability and even dizziness. This is where the trial and error of learning with ADD comes in. While one medication may spur these side effects, another one won’t. If the drug increases focus in the classroom but they are sick to their stomach or restless throughout class, it isn’t helping them overall.

There may be combinations of various things that work. A student may find that Ritalin on certain days will help and then having a private tutor can help to ensure that all aspects of learning are completely covered. Learning with ADD may not be completely fixed simply with the introduction of drugs.

distracted-studentClassrooms are designed to appeal to all students, which means that the teacher cannot take the time to focus on a single student. Everyone learns at different speeds and with different methods. Learning with ADHD can take even more time and with many different methods. This accounts for why students may be good with one teacher and not with another simply because the teacher uses the right method of learning for that particular student.

Medication may work, it may not. The only way to find out is to try and see what happens because learning with ADHD must be figured out to help the student in your life reach success, even if it means using multiple forms of assistance.

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