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College TutoringCollege is a very different world from the days of high school.  In college, you are expected to do all of you work and studying without any encouragement from the teacher or other people at the school.  You basically are in a sink or float situation.  You determine whether you pass or fail your classes.  It is up to you to work hard enough to get good grades and if you don’t the blame only lies on you.  It is a true situation of the harder you work the better result you see.

Colleges typically hire extremely qualified professors.  I can remember having a computer science professor that had developed some very hush-hush software for the department of defense.  He was probably one of the best software developers I have ever met.  Although he was an extremely qualified programmer, he was not the greatest teacher.  He expected us to be able to pick up on what he was talking about in class even though most of the time it was far beyond anything we had learned in previous classes.  Because this particular professor was so incredibly intelligent, it made it very difficult to communicate with him or even have a normal conversation.  So needless to say visiting him during office hours for extra help was futile.  I think this is not uncommon.  College campuses sometimes more focused on the resume of their teachers, that they are not always concerned with the fact that they might not be the best teachers.

Professor Office HoursSo how to get extra help in college?  In college definitely you will need to pay attention to your professor’s office hours.  Office hours are basically when a college professor comes to campus and is available to help students with any questions they might have.  If you have a highly-intelligent professor like I did, then sometimes professors can be somewhat unapproachable.  My professor probably could have been a member of Mensa but lacked the basic social skills to communicate with the average person.  This is a situation where I would have loved the opportunity to find a tutor or extra homework help online.

If I could go back in time and redo college, I would have definitely searched for a tutor online.  My professor was no help and really did not want anything to do with his students.  Being smart doesn’t always mean you can communicate with the average person.

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