Why College Tutoring Is Essential


College TutorFor many people, the transition from high school to college is quite a shock to the system. There are many factors that are different – for one thing, going to college is a choice, not a requirement. This alone has a major subliminal effect on how a student will perform. There are no penalties for not going to class. There are no rules to which you must submit like in high school.  And most importantly, there is much lower accountability, despite the motivation of knowing that repeating a class means money lost.  Many high school students strive to get better grades for the sheer purpose of getting into the college of their dreams in the first place.


What Changes once a Student Starts College?


College WalkFreedom – Independence – External distractions:  For the first time in their life, college students have to learn how to manage their time. Being creative with homework excuses will come back to haunt them when the midterm hits and they realize that midterm is 25% of their grade. The reality sets in, knowing they only have 1 more shot before they are doomed to a bad grade. This is when finding a college tutor is absolutely essential. Finding a tutor is actually much easier than most students realize. The first thing to understand is they are not alone – there are many other students in their class seeking help as well.


Finding a College Tutor

Many colleges and universities have services such as a tutor finder or matchmaking service to connect students to tutors. Other programs could exist where study groups are formed with simple goal of helping each other achieve better grades. Many of these study groups are led by a tutor who has taken the class before, and may even be sponsored by the professor teaching the class. Bigger universities that have graduate student instructors teaching discussion classes also have some of these same graduate students working as college tutors to earn extra side income. The nice thing about many of these classes and programs is that they are offered at low or no cost to the students.


Needing Help

Math TutorAdmitting you need help is a tough pill to swallow – especially if your grades in high school were great. College classes move at a much faster pace, which can be a major adjustment for new students. Getting help with your homework from a tutor may be essential (almost from the beginning of classes) as an element of success.  A good tutor will recognize the need to stay ahead of the game, and be proactive instead of reactive.  One of the most effective techniques is simple help with homework. Yet, there are also many softer skills people need to rely on a tutor to help with – such as organizational skills, time management, and effective study habits – all of which are keys to improving your grades.


At the end of the semester, when finals hit, college students will be eternally grateful for finding a college tutor. They will feel better prepared and equipped to handle the final examination, reducing their stress levels significantly.  At the end of the day, the college student can look back at their keys to success and realize that getting a college tutor was one of the best decisions they ever made.

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