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College is different from high school and middle school in that there is not really a group effort towards completing the classes.  In college you are pretty much on your own to pick you classes and do your homework and assignments.  It is not like high school were you knew everyone in your class as you could ask other classmates how the homework went or how the test went.  Granted in college you can still ask your classmates questions, you just are less likely to know the other people in your class.

Because of the way college is more individualized, finding a tutor or college tutorclassmate that can help can be problematic.  Typically in college the basic studies classes ie. the basic classes needed to graduate are usually large classes.  I can remember being in a history of jazz class with over 100 students.  There was no way that I would know everyone in the class but I did know some.  If you are struggling with a class where you don’t know anyone else in the class, it can be difficult to ask a classmate for help.  This is where fining a tutor online can really help a college student.  Looking for a tutor online allows a college student the opportunity to pick a tutor they think will fit them best.  Do you want to work with a guy or a girl, do you want a graduate student or an undergrad student?  You also can read the tutor’s experience and see if they are qualified to help you with your questions.  Most online tutoring sites allow users to pick from many numbers of college tutors and find one that matches them best.

College homeworkIf you are looking for the absolute cheapest way to find a college tutor, you can ask a classmate if they would be willing to give you extra help outside of class for a small fee.  This works in some instances but not everyone is a good tutor or teacher.  This is why finding a tutor online is a good option because you can read the reviews of the possible tutors and see if they are good at what they do.  Sometimes it helps talking to your professor and seeing if they know of anyone else that would be available to give extra help.  Sometimes a graduate student or teaching assistant is availble to give extra help.

My personal experience with finding a college tutor was very difficult.  I went to college when the internet was just starting to get going.  So searching for a tutor online was out of the question.  I went to my professor and he really didn’t have anyone that he would recommend.  I went to the college learning center and they too were not much help because my class was more advanced than any of the on staff tutors.  Finally I was able to find a friend willing to help be, but it wasn’t easy.

college homework helpSo don’t be shy if you need extra help, ask!  Look for a college tutor online at many of the online tutoring search sites.  Check reviews and if you see a tutor you think will work give it a try.  It doesn’t hurt to try.

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