Finding a College Tutor

If you are studying at the college level, finding a tutor can sometimes be a challenge.  It seems that tutoring at the elementary, junior high and high school levels is more readily available.  You can try checking with fellow students or your professor, but you will have greater success if you search online.  Your fellow students are likely struggling as well and don’t have the time to help out and/or your professor assumes (incorrectly) that if you’re in the class, you should be able to handle the material.  University professors don’t make themselves as readily available to help students out as a high school teacher would.

Searching Online for a Tutor

There are several tutor finder sites available these days where you can find listings of local tutors.  Using this method is the obvious choice if you’re in need of college level tutoring.  You’ll find information such as the location of the tutor as well as their area of expertise, the rates they charge, their availability and whether they will travel a few miles to do the tutoring.  In some instances, the tutor you find may be another college student who excels in the subject you’re studying and will charge reasonable rates.

Finding a tutor locally certainly has its advantages.  You can develop a very good working relationship with your tutor and mastering your subject matter will have a positive impact on your life.  Imagine being able to get your assignments done on time or understanding the material that the professor presents.  Better yet, how good will it feel when you ace your next test or the final exam?

The Advantages of Tutoring

tutoringTutoring can help build your self-confidence and that alone can make learning an easier task – as humans, we have complicated psyches.  Learning and understanding your classroom material will also lessen the stress and anxiety that you’d been suffering.  Once the light comes on, with the help of your tutor, the number of hours you need to devote to studying or trying to figure things out will lessen, freeing up more of your time to enjoy life.  Because your tutor can answer your questions and guide you with methods for doing your homework properly, you’ll feel less like a struggling student and more like you’re making valuable use of your time.

If you’re lucky enough to find a college student as your tutor there are even greater benefits because they will have already taken the course content and be able to show you what you need to study for upcoming tests/exams.

college tutorAt times, finding a college tutor may seem like a difficult task, but be persistent.  Make arrangements that suit your schedule so you’re avoiding stress and pressure.  Ask the questions you need answered before you select your tutor.  Make sure your tutor can offer different instruction methods to best suit your learning style.  If the rate being charged by the tutor is too much for your wallet, ask if the price is negotiable.

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