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Math is a subject that doesn’t seem to have too much of a happy medium. It seems as if a person will either call it their favorite subject, or their least favorite. The unfortunate thing for those who would prefer to live in a math-free world is that it will never happen. Math is simply the most used school subject in real-life – period.

blackboardOne very big reason that many people do not do well in math is because there is absolutely zero flexibility in it. It is a most decisive wrong or right answer, with no room for anything in between. This can be very frustrating for someone having difficulty, and frustration only works as a roadblock when someone is trying to learn.

If you or your child are one of these math-challenged people there are some great options you may want to consider. Online math tutoring is a super-convenient way to start sharpening more than just your pencil. You can build your math skills right from home.

Another great reason to take advantage of online math tutoring is the fact that it simply couldn’t get any more affordable. While many sites will charge fees – ranging from $2.00 to $200.00 – there are loads of free options as well. Free online math tutoring makes incredibly good sense. Grades get better, and there is no cost to make it happen. What more could you ask for?

Here is a list of websites that provide free online math tutoring. There are many different levels and methods of tutoring. Hopefully this list will work as a resource to find the best online tutoring option for you.

 Math Expression:

Math Expression is jam-packed with math-learning material. It covers a wide range of math topics, and has plenty of lessons, practice questions, and skill-building exercises for each. This site advertises free math tutors online – which unfortunately turns out to be nothing more than little links to get you somewhere else! The free online math tutors attached to the other end of these links are either not free at all, or they will allow free trial tutoring for signing up.

You can either use one of these links and pay a minimal amount, or sign up for a trial that is free. Online math tutors may not be needed with the incredibly user-friendly set up and lesson plans available already. Before linking anywhere else, users should check out the functions already available on Math Expressions.


This website is a great way to get younger students to not only learn math, but actually enjoy doing it. Although there are advanced lessons, the website is generally aimed at kindergarten to eighth grade students. There are no free online math tutors on this site, although there are links to help find one. The online math tutoring is done through a series of videos, worksheets, and even games. Users also have the option to post any question on the message board, which will be answered by a member of the online math community.

This website is a great resource for parents that are trying to guide their children to better grades. The math games make teaching and learning fun. The major con would be the lack of real-time tutoring. However, the easy to understand and clear delivery of the lessons are engaging and informative.

 Maths is Fun:

This is another great website for teaching children math through the guise of fun. It follows the same trend as the previously mentioned websites as far as their claim to have free math tutors online. Tutoring is simply done through well-organized lessons, games, videos, and worksheets. Many of the interactive lessons truly hide the fact that there is learning going on…which is a great thing!

Children and parents will have fun poking around this super-informative mega collection of math lessons dressed up as games. Not all of the math is fun and games, just enough to keep kids interested. The idea of showing kids the fun in numbers will work to motivate some interest, which is the first step to effective learning.

(make sure to add that extra ‘s’ to the end of math! – maths is fun, not math is fun)

Math Nerds:

Finally! A website that advertises free math tutors online and actually has them…kind of. The thing about these free online math tutors is you have to work to get tutored. This means that the tutoring only kicks in after someone is stumped by one of the online lessons. Additionally, these tutors want some proof you tried on your own. After you submit your question, along with the work you have done to try to get the answer, a tutor will respond with some helpful advice, and a ‘good hint.’ These guys do not give it away – they lead YOU to finding your own answers.

The con in this is the fact that there is some waiting time in between the back and forth between you and the tutor. The great thing however, is their method of give and take really makes the student apply themselves to first find their own answer. Whereas some will find this annoying and time consuming, the fact remains, the best way to retain information is to figure it out on your own. This means that we are FAR more prone to remember and understand something that we did rather than what we saw someone else do. The fact that questions are not replied to with simple answers, but instead direction to find the answers is an extremely valuable and effective teaching method.

Free online math tutoring is actually pretty easy to find. However finding one with live tutors on the other end of the screen…not so much! The bottom line is just like any other service, the people that are skilled enough to offer a service usually like to enjoy the extra perk of being paid for it!

These four websites have been around for a long time and are highly reputable. They may not actually have the free online tutors you were looking for, but they are bursting from the seams with resources to make you your own tutor. They are all recognized and regularly used by many schools and teachers because of their effectiveness in raising math grades as well as math interest.

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