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Math Tutoring HelpMath is a subject that requires mastering in this day and age, but it can instill fear in those that struggle with the subject.  If a student hopes to have access to relevant career opportunities such as in the IT field, engineering or even medicine or business, they need to master math.  Math tutoring can be a saving grace for many students.  If your child is willing to work with a tutor, it will open a world of possibilities for them to succeed.



Available Resources

If you’ve had the opportunity to discuss your child’s needs with his/her teacher, you’ll have an excellent starting point for finding a tutor.  Your child’s teacher can let you know where and how your child struggles.

There are many websites that have lists of tutors available in a given area.  You can usually find one locally or very near by.  They may list the tutor’s area of expertise, name, address, contact info and the rates charged by the tutor.

There are also large, well known tutoring companies with an online presence where you can explore the options they offer.  These companies are usually located in medium to large cities.

College TutorsIf there is a college or university in your town, check their website to see if they offer math tutoring.  Sometimes the rates charged by college/university students for tutoring are less than those charged by a professional tutor or by the big tutoring companies.  Rates that tutors can charge are not regulated, so they can charge what they want.  Paying more doesn’t necessarily mean that you are getting the right tutor for your child.



Points to Ponder

There are a few things you should consider when looking for a math tutor.  These include, but are not limited to:

  • How much can you afford to pay?
  • Will the tutor come to your home or will you child require transportation to the tutor’s location?
  • If the tutoring will take place away from your home, can you stay with your child while he is receiving his tutoring?
  • How many hours of tutoring will your child require?
  • How will the tutoring affect everyone’s current schedules?
  • How flexible do you need the math tutor’s schedule to be?
  • Will the tutor be able to address your child’s specific learning method?
  • How much experience does the math tutor have?
  • What qualifies this person to be a math tutor?
  • Will the prospective tutor suit your child’s personality?


Here are some of the advantages for students with a math tutor:

  • They will more easily understand their math
  • They will get better grades
  • Their self confidence and self esteem will improve
  • They will feel less anxiety and stress during class and at test/exam time
  • They will find learning more enjoyable
  • They will have more free time to enjoy with their peers


homework excusesYou’ll have to remember that every child learns at a different pace and consider how many hours a math tutor will need to work with your child.  It’s unreasonable to expect that your child will learn everything they need to know in 2 or 3 hours of tutoring.  It may take several hours of tutoring for you child’s progress to become evident.

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