Online Tutors VS Private Tutors

So you have started to look for help for your homework or project online and are not sure if you want to try to get help from an online tutor or a private tutor.  I will tell you my experience with both.  There are several areas that need to be pointed out when discussing both.

With Online Tutors, typically the website has some sort of online chat where the student can ask a question to a tutor and have it answered in real time.  This seems like a great idea and in some cases it works.  The ideal timhomework-helpes to use an online tutor would is if you only have a few questions that you are really stuck on.  It could be a math problem or a question about your homework.  You would be able to send the online tutor your question and hopefully get it answered.  I have noticed a trend towards outsourcing the live chats overseas.  So the tutor on the other end of the live chat does not always speak good English.  This can cause problems when trying to get your question answered quickly.  Sometimes you might spend more time trying to describe what you are talking about to the tutor, than you are actually getting your homework question answered.  Asking someone that doesn’t normally speak English a homework question is hard enough without the language barrier.

So if you need a quick fix or answer, great go for the online instant solution, but be aware if the online site charges by the minute that you might be spending more time trying to get the other person to understand you, than actually talking about your homework.  The other point is that you aren’t really being taught the material.  Online tutors are more of a place to go to get a couple questions answered.  Don’t expect to have the material explained to you like a live tutor would.

Private Tutors, typically can be found online and come to your home or a public location and help you on site with your questions and homework.  This really is the ideal option since meeting with someone face to face is always a better option.  When meeting with a private tutor, typically the tutor speaks your language and is able to look directly at the homework or problem and give you help.  Many of the online sites today will let you pick a private tutor based on other user’s feedback.  This really is a huge advantage over getting online tutoring because you can see what the tutor’s strengths and weaknesses are.  With online tutoring the person that you get to help you might not necessarily be an expert in the subject you need help with.

Online-TutorSo it comes down to instant gratification or a long term solution.  Yes if you are stuck on a single homework problem get an online tutor.  An online tutor is rarely able to actually teach you the material.  It is more like a question and answer secession.  A better solution would be to get a private tutor and have someone look at your work and guide you towards learning the material properly the first time.  And definitely be wary of language barriers.  Are you going to be able to communicate with someone with a small text chat box?  Private tutoring in person is always better in my opinion.  Use an online site to find someone in your area and start improving your grades now!

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