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Why College Tutoring Is Essential   For many people, the transition from high school to college is quite a shock to the system. There are many factors that are different – for one thing, going to college is a choice, not a requirement. This alone has a major subliminal effect on how a student will…

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College Prep – Finding an SAT Tutor What is the SAT exam? A world-recognized test, the SAT allows post-secondary institutions to judge the knowledge of prospective students in math, reading and writing.  Admission to college or university is based on scholastic accomplishment, perhaps even extracurricular activities, as well as SAT results and you may require…

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Summer Tutoring If you have a child who has needed tutoring throughout the school year, it would be a good idea to follow up and continue with summer tutoring.  Yes, summertime is your child’s school break which is much needed to let them grow and explore in other ways, but if your child has difficulty…

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Learning Disability Tutors As a parent, we want our children to succeed.  We muse about them accomplishing great things in school and college or university and then moving on to successful, fulfilling careers.  However, we are sometimes faced with the reality that our child is struggling to keep up with their peers in their schoolwork. …

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Finding a College Tutor If you are studying at the college level, finding a tutor can sometimes be a challenge.  It seems that tutoring at the elementary, junior high and high school levels is more readily available.  You can try checking with fellow students or your professor, but you will have greater success if you…

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