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What is the SAT exam?

SAT Exam TutorA world-recognized test, the SAT allows post-secondary institutions to judge the knowledge of prospective students in math, reading and writing.  Admission to college or university is based on scholastic accomplishment, perhaps even extracurricular activities, as well as SAT results and you may require references.  Each college/university is different, so check with the admissions office for their particular requirements.  The SAT exam can be taken either during the junior or senior year of high school.  High SAT scores are usually a requirement to attend elite colleges/universities.  A great way to guarantee good results on the SAT is to find an SAT tutor.  Good preparation will ensure a good result and offer you more options when choosing the school you’d like to attend.


What subjects are tested by the SAT?

The SAT exam tests math, reading and writing and the top score for each section is 800.

  • Math – Consists of questions on algebra, geometry, probability and statistics, and arithmetic operations.
  • Reading – Consists of questions such as reading passages and sentence completion.
  • Writing – Consists of essays and questions on writing errors and grammar.

Getting your SAT Tutor

SAT Tutor FinderIf you want to do well on your SAT and know how to prepare for it, an SAT tutor may be in order.  Tutoring can only improve your chances of doing well.  While you are in high school, you should be working hard towards your goal of doing well on the SAT.  There are tutors available who specialize in SAT preparation and will concentrate on math, reading and writing in the manner the test is given.  You may have difficulty in one or more areas of the exam and your tutor can concentrate on the general form and function of the test as well as the particular area that you struggle with.

To find an SAT tutor near you, you or your parents can do an online search or contact colleges or universities or your high school guidance office to put you in touch with a list of tutoring resources from which you can choose.   You’ll want to ensure that the tutor is well-educated and well-versed in a number of subjects and can tutor you in English reading and writing as well as math subjects such as algebra, geometry and calculus.  If they specialize in the SAT, it is to your advantage.  You’ll have to calculate what times best suit your schedule and give yourself enough advance time to get all of the work done.

Other SAT Resources

SAT Tutor booksThere are many published books available that can give you tips, tricks, outlines and samples of test materials for the SAT exam.

Your SAT exam can be taken whenever it is offered by your high school, but you have to schedule your test date with someone at your school.  One advantage of the SAT is that you can take the test more than once if you’re not satisfied with your results and hope to achieve a higher score.  Math tutoring, and reading and writing tutoring during the regular school year might be needed to help you keep up with your peers.  But SAT tutoring is fairly specialized and can only help you achieve more in the long run.

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