Summer Tutoring

summer tutorIf you have a child who has needed tutoring throughout the school year, it would be a good idea to follow up and continue with summer tutoring.  Yes, summertime is your child’s school break which is much needed to let them grow and explore in other ways, but if your child has difficulty in school throughout the academic year, you’re doing him/her a huge favor by continuing on with the tutor during the summer months.  Summer tutoring will allow your child to remember the skills he/she has learned the previous school year, but will also better prepare the child for the upcoming year.

Since your child is on summer vacation, he/she won’t be overwhelmed by other school work and can more readily concentrate on the skills they need sharpened.  Your son or daughter may complain a bit about having to do “that stuff” during the holiday season, but if you point out the advantages to your child in the long run, they may see the light.

Keeping your Child on Track

There are a few options available to you to get a tutoring program for your child, whether they need a math tutor or a science tutor.  You can choose to tutor your child yourself if you feel qualified to do so.  You can also set about the task of finding a tutor online in your location or by contacting your child’s school or a local college or university to see if any of the students do summer tutoring.

Because it’s the summer, you or the tutor might want to explore alternative, more imaginative methods of instruction to make it more appealing to your child.  The bottom line is to ensure that your child is interested and excited about the learning experience.  If you establish a schedule for the tutoring, you child will know exactly when they can play or take part in other activities.

Suggested Options

Child TutoringIf English is the child’s weak subject, you could have him/her read a book per week and then have the child write a report.  You can discuss the book with your child as he reads it so the child learns to express his thoughts or impressions.

If science is your child’s weakness, you or your child’s tutor could take a trip to a local museum and make it a learning experience.  The child can learn about the planets or dinosaurs and the displays are much more interesting than pictures in books and will make a more lasting impression.

If math is the problem, you or the math tutor can use things other than numbers or problems in a book to make it more interesting.  Real life situations, even as simple as having a lemonade stand and having to make change for customers can teach your child math skills.

Tutoring for students with learning disabilities during the summer months can be especially helpful because of the need for constant skill learning reinforcement.

Better GradesWhen your child returns to school in the fall and starts to get better grades, they may appreciate what you’ve done for them.  You might even find that the homework excuses disappear because they are more confident about what they are attempting to accomplish.  Summer tutoring is definitely a plus for any child who struggles through the school year.  They may not thank you now, but you’ll see and be able to appreciate the change.

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