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Trig Math TutorGetting help with Trigonometry or Trig as it is loving called by some can be difficult.   Trigonometry is often one of the first subjects that students encounter that requires students to understand the concepts before really understanding the actual math and arithmetic parts of the subject.

Here is some general information about Trigonometry.  Trigonometry is basically the study of triangles and how each side and angle relates to one another.  If several details about a triangle are known, then it is possible to figure out the other measurements and dimensions.  The usefulness of Trig is uncanny.  Trig can be applied to everything from building a home and determining the slope or pitch of the roof or even navigation and determining your position.

Trigonometry is typically first taught in middle school.  Middle school math is typically where some students can begin to have trouble.  And like mentioned in other posts, math especially Trig builds on Math Tutorprevious understanding.  Therefore it is important to understand the basic concepts before moving onto more difficult math and material.

There are several important tricks to help students remember the rules and concepts of Trigonometry such as SOHCAHTOA.  SOHCAHTOA is a way to remember the rules of the Pythagorean Theorem.  If you have a right triangle, then you can use sine, cosine, and tangent to find the other sides or angles of the triangle.  The following is true…

Trigonometry-Tutorsin (angle) = Opposite / Hypotenuse

cos (angle)= Adjacent / Hypotenuse

tan (angle)= Opposite  / Adjacent

So you can see how helpful the saying SOHCAHTOA can be.  If you can remember that saying then you will be able to remember the rules of the Pythagorean Theorem.  This is a great example of a trick that a tutor or someone experienced in math would be able to help a student with.  Math has many sayings and way to easily remember the rules and way to do something.  Tutoring can be a great help for students that are struggling in math.

When I was a math student, learning Trigonometry was a great oportunity to learn something useful.  I often would ask the teacher or my classmates why we were learning this stuff.  But Trig was really the first time when what we were learning had a real practical use.  For me it actually made learning fun because I could see how this could be used in a real world scenario.

There are many real wold experiments that our teachers did with us to make learning Trigonometry Trigonometry Tutormore fun.  One of which was using it to measure the height of trees.   By measuring the distance from the tree and the angle produced when looking at the top of the tree, it was easy to find the height of the tree.  Once again this was actually interesting and I know my classmates felt the same way.

So teachers out there…If you can do projects with your students like this to show them that math really does serve a purpose other than homework, it makes a difference. If your teacher is not inspiring you or your student to understand the material, then I definitely recommend getting a math tutor that is willing to have fun it.  It makes all the difference.

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